1942-April 12, 1945

September 28, 1941- April 5, 1942: Over Our Coffee Cups. ER hosts a program on a variety of subjects, though largely united by the theme of defense mobilization and American involvement in World War II. 

January 19, 1942: From the White House, ER speaks on the March of Dimes and infantile paralysis. 

February 1942: ER talks about men registering for war service and the need to register women for non-combat roles. 

September 25, 1942: ER and others speak about the contribution of students and schools to the war effort at the "School of War" event outside of the Treasury Department building. 

April 14, 1944: ER describes here recent trip to Central and South America in a speech before the chamber of commerce. Henry Morgenthau, Jr. provides her introduction.

April 22, 1944: ER describes her trip to the Caribbean, Central America, and South America on a broadcast for West Indian Radio Newspaper (forthcoming). 

April 20, 1944: ER's speech to the Inter-American Commission o Women on the postwar role of women in the Americas.  

July 6, 1944: ER interviewed (in Spanish) for Americanos Todos (forthcoming). 

March 27, 1945: ER and Major General Clifford L. Corbin present an award for outstanding war production to the Bourne Workshop of the New York Association for the Blind (forthcoming).

April 4, 1945: In an interview with Eleanor Hoff, ER discusses the importance of the Red Cross and promotes the Red Cross fundraising drive.