January 31, 1949: ER speaks about infantile paralysis and FDR on a program for the National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis (forthcoming). 

February 11, 1949: ER, Anna, and Franklin Jr. answer questions from the international community about FDR's life in a special memorial broadcast (forthcoming)

February 26, 1949: ER addresses the Assembly of Allied Arts in Chicago. She discusses the United Nations, collective security, and human rights (forthcoming).

July 10, 1949: Ned Sparks interviews ER at an event where ER welcomed the UN Secretariat to Hyde Park. Their discussion focuses on the Hyde Park estate. Sparks also interviews several members of the Secretariat, as well as the historian for Hyde Park (forthcoming). 

July 10, 1949: At Hyde Park, ER welcomes member of the UN Secretariat, then answers questions (forthcoming).

October 24, 1949: ER appears on Barbara Welles's radio program, where she discusses the need for more women in the United Nations General Assembly (forthcoming). 

November 13, 1949: ER describes the American Friends Service Committee's Penn-Craft project, a subsistence homestead town (forthcoming).

December 11, 1949: ER advocates for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on its first anniversary, and urges all nations uniting to support the value and importance of human rights.

December 23, 1949: Dwight Cooke interviews ER at Lake Success. They discuss the United Nations and its role in international relations. 

February 12, 1950- May 28, 1950. Today With Mrs. Roosevelt. ER hosts a television program in which she and her guests discuss current events. 

March 15, 1950: The opening of the FDR Papers at the library in Hyde Park. In addition to ER, speakers include Wayne Grover, Jess Larson, Waldo Gifford Leland, and a message from Harry Truman.

April 1, 1950: Highlights of the Americans for Democratic Action Conference. Five recordings.

October 1, 1950- July 15, 1951: Mrs. Roosevelt Meets the Public. ER hosts a television program on current events.

October 11, 1950- August 31, 1951: The Eleanor Roosevelt Program. ER and Elliott Roosevelt co-host a radio program. Each program contains an opening segment in which ER answer's a listener's question, and a longer segment where she (and sometimes Elliott) interview a guest. 

October 24, 1950: Pre-recorded message by ER about United Nations Day and women serving as delegates to the United Nations (forthcoming).

November 26, 1950: A roundtable discussion on the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls. Guests include Ernest Cadman Colwell, Carl H. Craming, and Merrill M. Parvis (forthcoming). 

December 10, 1950: Excerpts of ER's part from the "Six Voices" radio program, in which she talks about the second anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (forthcoming).

February 13, 1952: During a meeting of the United Nations in Paris, ER and an unnamed interviewer discuss US relations with the Soviets, her own travels around the French countryside, and attempts to protect international speech and press freedoms during this session . 

April 16, 1952: ER speaks to the India League of America about her recent trip to India. 

July 22, 1952: ER's speech to the 1952 Democratic National Convention.

October 20, 1952: ER's campaign message for Adlai Stevenson, in which she compares Dwight Eisenhower's qualifications versus Stevenson's.