October 1956: ER gives a campaign speech for Adlai Stevenson in Waltham, MA. In the speech, she talks at length about civil rights for African Americans (forthcoming).

October 1956: A series of political advertisements for Adlai Stevenson's campaign. 

October 26, 1956: ER campaigns for Adlai Stevenson. She discusses his commitment to disarmament and his qualifications for the presidency (forthcoming). 

November 11, 1956: ER discusses the Democratic Party platform on civil rights and voting rights (two recordings).

April 28, 1957: ER and Arthur Goldman promote Bonds for Israel in Vineland, New Jersey.

June 21, 1957: Rexford Tugwell interviews ER about Warm Springs, Georgia, and about the time she and FDR spent there (forthcoming). 

July 2, 1957: Arnold Michaelis interviews ER on a variety of topics (two recordings). 

September 27, 1957: With the aid of an interpreter, ER interviews Nikita Khrushchev (forthcoming).

September 29, 1957: In an interview with Daniel Schorr, ER discusses her recent visit to the USSR and her conversation with Nikita Khrushchev (forthcoming). 

October 1957: ER visits Franklin D. Roosevelt High School in Hyde Park, New York to talk about her trip to the Soviet Union (three recordings).

October 10, 1957: ER speaks in an interview about her upcoming seventy-third birthday, and her desire not to have a large celebration (forthcoming). 

November 21, 1957: ER holds a press conference, at which she fields reporters' questions about her recent trip to the USSR (forthcoming). 

November 23, 1957: Mike Wallace interviews ER on the future of the United States and other contemporary political issues (forthcoming). 

December 26, 1957: In a broadcast from ER's living room, ER and Mary Margaret McBride discuss ER's recent trip to the Soviet Union and various other topics (forthcoming).

1958: A documentary on the tenth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Howard Langer interviews ER about the creation and significance of the UDHR near the end of the recording (forthcoming). 

January 8, 1958: On Nightline, Don Ameche interviews guests, including ER (two tracks, forthcoming). 

April 17, 1958: Speaking at Brandeis University, ER discusses her childhood, marriage, education, and time at the United Nations. In a second recording she responds to a panel of students who ask her about the New Deal, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, communism, McCarthyism, Korea, and the USSR. In a third recording, she responds to audience questions (forthcoming).

May 20, 1958: Harry Truman hosts a fundraising broadcast for the Democratic National Committee. ER discusses the economic problems of the United States and critiques the Eisenhower administration and the Republican Party (forthcoming). 

June 14, 1958: At Syracuse University, ER speaks to the New York State Young Democrats about working hard and education (forthcoming).

August 8, 1958: At her grandson's graduation from Colorado State University, ER talks about the role of the individual in shaping America.

August 27, 1958: McCall's magazine reporter interviews ER, in advance of her seventy-forth birthday, and asks her about photographs from her past (forthcoming). 

1959?: ER speaks at the Marie Curie Middle School graduation about the responsibilities Americans have to their communities and their country (forthcoming). 

April 16, 1959: Narration, provided by ER, for a compilation of several of Ambassador Abba Egan's speeches about Israel (forthcoming).

May 25, 1959: ER talks about her trip to Iran. 

September 17, 1959: Sam Jaffe interviews ER about the impending visit of Nikita Khrushchev to Hyde Park (forthcoming). 

October 11, 1959- June 3, 1962: Prospects of Mankind. ER hosts a television program, on which she and her guests discuss current events.

October 22, 1959: At the Albert Lasker Awards Ceremony of the American Health Association, ER speaks on the medical field's contribution to world peace through public health and research (forthcoming). 

October 1959: Recording of the regional meeting of the American Association for the United Nations in Dallas, Texas (forthcoming).