April 13, 1945-1948

June 13, 1945: Henry Morgenthau hosts this radio program for the 7th War Loan Drive at US Army Airforce Convalescence Hospital in Pawling, New York. Various soldiers describe work and life at the hospital in order to show some of the ways in which war bond funds help them (two parts; forthcoming). 

1946: In two recordings, ER talks about the stigma around mental health issues. She introduces two plays dealing with mental health, "Aunt Milly and the Family Skeleton," and "PQ Gets Another Chance" (forthcoming).

April 12, 1946: On the first anniversary of FDR's death, ER speaks at the ceremony to dedicate his home in Hyde Park as a "national shrine." 

September 3, 1946: At the New York State Democratic Convention, ER praises the candidates and discusses the history of progressive policies including minimum wage, labor protections, and veterans' programs. 

March 28, 1947: After speaking at the fourth annual conference for the Women's Action Committee for Lasting Peace, ER gives an interview in which she discusses American women's role in the success of the United Nations (forthcoming). 

April 12, 1947: On the second anniversary of FDR's death, ER discusses the plans of the FDR Memorial Foundation. President Truman also speaks briefly. 

June 17, 1947: ER and René Cassin discuss the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (forthcoming). 

February 19, 1948: In recorded remarks, ER urges Australian women to stay up-to-date on world events, and talks about the mission of the United Nations.

October 31, 1948: In a brief radio advertisement recorded in Paris, ER voices her support for Harry Truman's re-election. 

November 8, 1948- August 4, 1949: The Eleanor and Anna Roosevelt Program. ER and Anna Roosevelt co-host a current-events radio program. 

December 4, 1948: The Pilgrim society Dinner in London, after the unveiling of the Franklin D. Roosevelt statue on Grosvenor Square.

December 12, 1948: At La Guardia Airport, on her way home from the Paris meeting at which the UN General Assembly approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ER speaks to a reporter about that achievement and about the convention on genocide (forthcoming). 

1948: Dorothy Lewis interviews ER, who speaks about the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.