About the Project

More than any woman of the twentieth century, Eleanor Roosevelt inspired citizens and nations “to hazard all they have” to build a world governed by diplomacy, citizen engagement, and democratic policy. Her example of peace building and human rights advocacy throughout her life is a model to be studied and applied not only here in the United States but around the world.

As she moved from first lady to diplomat to citizen activist, she not only became the most ardent champion of human rights, but also one of the century’s most prolific journalists --publishing more than 8,000 columns, 580 articles, 27 books, 100,000 letters, delivering over 1000 speeches, and appearing on more than 300 radio and television shows.

Yet, her voice has been silenced, her vision and influence shrouded in stereotype or confined to obscure footnotes.

Since 2000, The Eleanor Roosevelt Project has worked to return ER’s voice back into the written record and uses this rich history’s contributions to train approximately 6,000 teachers, 500 civil society leaders, 100 policymakers, and countless citizens around the world to study and apply her writings, knowledge and strategy in their various arenas.

Eleanor Roosevelt did not confine her public outreach to the written word alone. Instead, she relied upon a wide range of media technologies to reach the broadest audience possible—a standard that we seek to emulate at the Eleanor Roosevelt Project. We have developed:

  • Critically praised multi-media documentary editions reproducing ER’s voice and the points her contemporaries raised as she debated how best to rebuild a world from the horrors of war;
  • Exhibits for historic sites and international agencies;
  • Curricula and multi-media teaching aids accessible to all with Internet access;
  • Human rights training programs for civil society leaders, legislators at home and abroad, and congressional fellows; and
  • Mentoring programs for students of all ages.

In short, we make rigorous, important scholarship available and useful to an increasingly diverse and ever-expanding audience.