Talks by Mrs. Roosevelt

"Talks by Mrs. Roosevelt" ran on the NBC Blue network between 21 April and 14 July 1937. The 15-minute show aired between 7:15 and 7:30pm on Wednesdays. Most shows were broadcast from Washington DC. ERPP has transcribed these programs from scripts. In the two cases where audio is available, we also have a transcription from that recording. 

  • Episode 1: April 21, 1937. ER and Genevieve Forbes Herrick, a writer for Country Gentleman, discuss the life of the First Lady.
  • Episode 2: April 28, 1937. ER and her secretary, Malvina "Tommy" Thompson, describe a day in the White House.
  • Episode 3: May 5, 1937. ER and her daughter, Anna Boettiger, discuss education of girls (broadcast from Seattle, Washington).
  • Episode 4: May 12, 1937. ER and Rose Schneiderman discuss conditions for women who work outside the home.
  • Episode 5: May 19, 1937. ER and a school-aged child tour private areas of the White House.
  • Episode 6: May 26, 1937. ER has a conversation with Florence Jaffray Harriman, the United States Minister to Norway.
  • Episode 7: June 2, 1937. ER and George Washington University student John P. Southmayd discuss peace. Transcript from the June 2 audio
  • Episode 8: June 9, 1937. ER and Genevieve Forbes Herrick, a writer for Country Gentleman, discuss formal entertaining in the White House (broadcast from New York City). Transcript from the June 9 audio
  • Episode 9: June 16, 1937. ER has a conversation with Constance Eberhardt, a student graduating from Hunter High School in New York City.
  • Episode 10: June 23, 1937. ER and Ida Harris, the President of the League of Mothers' Clubs, discuss housing.
  • Episode 11: June 30, 1937. ER and presidential announcer Carlton E. Smith discuss summer vacations.
  • Episode 12: July 7, 1937. ER and a Washington DC housewife, Mrs. Frederic Deniston, discuss housekeeping at the White House.
  • Episode 13: July 14, 1937. ER has a conversation with author Hendrik Willem Van Loon.