Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt's Own Program

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"Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt's Own Program" ran on the NBC Red network between 30 April and 25 July 1940. The fifteen-minute show aired at 1:15 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Click on episode numbers to read transcripts of the program.
  • Episode 1: April 30, 1940. ER introduces the program, discusses why she travels, and mentions her visit to migrant workers' camps in California.
  • Episode 2: May 2, 1940. ER answers the question "Why is life in the White House sheltered?" and reads FDR's proclamation for National Employment Week.
  • Episode 3: May 7, 1940. ER describes her daily schedule and the procedures for both informal and formal visits to the White House.
  • Episode 4: May 9, 1940. ER discusses youth and youth organizations and the major problems of war and unemployment.
  • Episode 5: May 14, 1940. ER asks listeners to contribute to the Red Cross in aid of Holland and Belgium. She also discusses nursing as a career and the importance of home life as an incubator of democracy.
  • Episode 6: May 16, 1940: ER discusses the importance of teaching home arts to the young.
  • Episode 7: May 21, 1940. In the first half of the show, ER discusses household work as a profession. In the second half she discusses the role of private industry and the government in the construction of new houses and the importance of building low income housing.
  • Episode 8: May 23, 1940. In the first part of the program ER talks about the work of Dorothy Draper, gardening, and modes of travel. In the second half, she discusses the importance to our national security of ensuring the needs of all citizens are met.
  • Episode 9: May 28, 1940. ER tells her listeners about the picnic she held for the king and queen of England and interviews her baker, Antionette Cowan.
  • Episode 10: May 30, 1940. In this Memorial Day episode, ER interviews a student from Vassar College and a student from Rutgers University about how to deal with the issues of war, preparing for the future, and promoting peace around the world.
  • Episode 11: June 4, 1940. Reporter Genevieve Forbes Herrick interviews ER about life in the White House.
  • Episode 12: June 6, 1940. Reporter Genevieve Forbes Herrick interviews ER about life in the White House.
  • Episode 13: June 11, 1940. ER describes the Roosevelts' Hyde Park houses and the life they lead there.
  • Episode 14: June 13, 1940. ER discusses food and various types of formal and informal meal services at the White House.
  • Episode 15: June 18, 1940. ER and Malvina "Tommy" Thompson discuss various US vacation spots based on ER's travels.
  • Episode 16: June 20, 1940. ER discusses the meaning of democracy and the ways ordinary women can become better citizens. ER also reads from a New York Times artocle from Flag Day (June 14).
  • Episode 17: June 25, 1940. ER describes a presidential candidate's campaign speaking trip.
  • Episode 18: June 27, 1940. ER discusses suggestions from listeners about the best way to increase usefulness and service by American citizens. Topics include how to aid refugee children, creating a civilian training corps, and increasing crop production.
  • Episode 19: July 2, 1940. ER offers suggestions for Forth of July picnics and tells the story of a foreign guest at a Hyde Park picnic.
  • Episode 20: July 4,1940. ER discusses FDR's presentation of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library to the Archivist of the United States. She also talks about the conflict between realities and ideals as Americans relate to World War II in Europe, the conditions necessary for world peace, and the personal sacrifices Americans need to make to maintain their freedom.
  • Episode 21: July 9, 1940. As the Democrats gather for their 1940 national convention, ER discusses previous conventions she has attended and the mechanics of such meetings in general.
  • Episode 22: July 11, 1940. Esther Lape and ER take turns interviewing one another. Topics include the League of Nations, world peace, US involvement in international affairs, and paternalism.
  • Episode 23: July 16, 1940. ER responds to questions regarding women's proper role in society and whether or not women should pursue careers outside the home.
  • Episode 24: July 18, 1940. ER discusses the virtues of coeducation.
  • Episode 25: July 23, 1940. ER discusses the scope of the US defense program, democracy, and her support for universal national service.
  • Episode 26: July 25, 1940. In the final episode, ER discusses her mail.