Repository and Source Abbreviations


AkU Elmer E. Rasmuson and Biosciences Library, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska
EHGP Ernest H. Gruening Papers
DDEL Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library, Abilene, Kansas
DDEP Dwight D. Eisenhower Papers
DLC Library of Congress, Washington, DC
AHP Armand Hammer Papers
CBLP Clare Boothe Luce Papers
CHM Charles Habib Malik Papers
UNORGA Official Records, General Assembly, United Nations
FDRL Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library, Hyde Park, New York
AERP Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Papers
GRAY David Gray Papers
DGC David Gurewitsch Collection
JRP James Roosevelt Papers
LAPE Esther Lape Papers
JPLP Joseph P. Lash Papers
HSTL Harry S. Truman Presidential Library, Independence, Missouri
DGAP Dean G. Acheson Papers
HSTOF Harry S. Truman Papers, Official Files
HSTP Harry S. Truman Papers
HSTPOF Harry S. Truman Papers, Permanent Files
HSTPPF Harry S. Truman Papers, President’s Personal File
HSTPSF Harry S. Truman Papers, President’s Secretary’s Files
HSTWHCF Harry S. Truman Papers, White House Central Files
JPHP James P. Hendrick Papers
IaU-LI University of Iowa Library, Iowa City, Iowa
HAWP Henry A. Wallace Papers
MCR-S The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe College, Cambridge, Massachusetts
WUUN Women United for the United Nations Records
MiDW-AL Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs, Archives of Labor History and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
CIOSTC Congress of Industrial Organization Secretary-Treasury Collection
MWelC Wellesley College Library, Wellesley, Massachusetts
UND United Nations Documents (Readex Micofiche: United Nations Documents)
UNOR Official Records, Economic and Social ECOSOC Council, United Nations
UNORGA Official Records, General Assembly, United Nations
NARA II National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland
RG59 Record Group 59: Central Files of the Department of State, 1778-1963
RG84 Record Group 84: Records of the United States Mission to the United Nations and its Predecessors 1945-66
NNC-RB Columbia University, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, New York, New York
HHLP Herbert H. Lehman Papers
NjP-SC Seely G. Mudd Library, Princeton University Library, Special Collections and Manuscript Division, Princeton, New Jersey
AESP Adlai E. Stevenson Papers
BBP Bernard Baruch Papers
NSyU E. S. Bird Library, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
DTP Dorothy Thompson Papers
OkU Bizzell Memorial Library, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
HGDP Helen Gahagan Douglas Papers
ViLxM George C. Marshall Research Foundation, Lexington, Virginia
GCMP George Catlett Marshall Papers
CtY-BR Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
WWP Walter White Papers
CtY Yale Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
CBBP Chester Bliss Bowles Papers

ANB American National Biography
ANBO American National Biography Online
APSR American Political Science Review
BBDM Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians
BDAM Biographical Dictionary of American Music
BI Biography Index
BOE Encyclopedia Britannica Online
BLD Black’s Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition
BRDS Biographic Register of the Department of State
BDUSC Biographic Dictionary of the United States Congress
CAO Contemporary Authors Online
CB Current Biography
CBE Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia, Second Edition
CDAB Concise Dictionary of American Biography
CE The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition
CEMENA The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Middle East and North Africa
DAB Dictionary of American Biography
DASR Dictionary of American Social Reform
DNB Dictionary of National Biography
DPB Dictionary of Political Biography
DSB Department of State Bulletin
EAACH Encyclopedia of African-American Cultural History
EAB Encyclopedia of American Biography
EAH Encyclopedia of Asian History
EAI Encyclopedia American, International Edition
EAL Encyclopedia of the American Left
EB Encyclopedia Britanica
ECAR Encyclopedia of Chinese-American Relations
EGD Encyclopedia of the Great Depression
EJH Encyclopedia of Jewish History
EJW Encyclopedia of Jewish Women
ELAACL Encyclopedia of Latin American and Caribbean Literature 1900-2003
ELAH Encyclopedia of Latin American History
EMME Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East
EMP Encyclopedia of the Middle Passage
ENYC Encyclopedia of New York City
EOP Encyclopedia of Protestantism
ERE Eleanor Roosevelt Encyclopedia
ET Encyclopedia of Television
EUN Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements
FDRE Franklin D. Roosevelt Encyclopedia
GES Gale Encyclopedia of Science
HDKW Historical Dictionary of the Korean War
HDP Historical Dictionary of Poland, 1945-1996
HDRK Historical Dictionary of the Republic of Korea
HSTE Harry S. Truman Encyclopedia
IWW Index to Women of the World from Ancient to Modern Times; Biographies and Portraits
JWIA Jewish Women in America
MWO Merriam-Webster Online
NAW National American Women
NAWCTC Notable American Women: Completing the Twentieth Century
NAWMP Notable American Women: The Modern Period
NCAB National Cyclopaedia of American Biography
NEB New Encyclopedia Britannica
OCAMH Oxford Companion to American Military History
OCP Oxford Companion to Philosophy
OCPW Oxford Companion to the Politics of the World
OCSS The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea
OCWWII Oxford Companion to WWII
ODW Oxford Dictionary of the World
OEDO Oxford English Dictionary Online
OEWH Oxford Encyclopedia of World History
OFAUN Oxford 50th Anniversary Book of the United Nations
OMO On My Own
ORO Oxford Reference Online
OTCWH Oxford Dictionary of Twentieth Century World History
OWW Oxford Who’s Who
OWWTC Oxford Who’s Who in the Twentieth Century
POFD Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary
RCAH The Reader’s Companion to American History
TCE The Catholic Encyclopedia
TTCAA The Twentieth Century: An Almanac
WEAL West’s Encyclopedia of American Law
WWA Who’s Who in America
WH Women Humanitarians: A Biographical Dictionary of British Women Active 1900 and 1950
WWF Who’s Who in France
WWSCE Who’s Who in the Socialist Countries of Europe
WWUN Who’s Who in the United Nations
WWWA Who Was Who in America
ERFBI Eleanor Roosevelt’s FBI File
FRUS Foreign Relations of the United States
RDS Register of the Department of State
SDB State Department Bulletin
UNODS United Nations Online Document System
UNOR ECOSOC United Nations Official Records Economic and Social Council
UNORGA United Nations Official Records General Assembly
YUN Yearbook of the United Nations
IYAM If You Ask Me
LHJ Ladies Home Journal
MD My Day
Newsweek Newsweek Magazine
NYHT New York Herald Tribune
NYT New York Time
TL The Times of London
Time Time Magazine
WP Washington Post