Today With Mrs. Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt's first television program, Today with Mrs. Roosevelt, aired on NBC between 12 February and 28 May 1950. The half-hour program aired on Sundays at 4:00 pm.

Note: This list contains episode titles only, and do not yet link to transcripts of the episodes. The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project (ERPP) is currently working on finalizing these transcriptions for publication.

  • Episode 1: February 12, 1950. In her first episode, ER discusses the hydrogen bomb and atomic energy with experts, including Dr. Hans Bethe, Dr. Detlev Bronk, Dr. Albert Einstein, Allan Klen, David Lilienthal, Sen. Brien McMahon, Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, and Harry Wynn.
  • Episode 2: February 19, 1950. ER and her guests discuss the National Health Program. Guests include Rep. Andrew Bienmiller, Dr. Ernst Boas, Dr. John Conlan, Dr. Lowell Goin, Sister Elizabeth Kenny, Dr. Moses Ben Moshe, Sen. James E. Murray, and Dr. Philip Reichert.
  • Episode 3: February 26, 1950. ER and her guests discuss American recognition of Franco's Spain.
  • Episode 4: March 5, 1950. ER and her guests discuss the American tax system. Guests include Roy Blough, Lep Cherne, Vivien Kellems, Ferruccio Tagliavini, and Gloria Swanson.
  • Episode 5: March 12, 1950. ER discusses rent control with Henry G. Waltemade and Tighe Wood.
  • Episode 6: March 19, 1950. ER speaks with Republican senators Homer Ferguson, H. Alexander Smith, and Alexander Wiley about the Truman administration.
  • Episode 7: March 26, 1950. ER speaks with Democratic senators Clinton P. Anderson, William Benton, Paul Douglas, and Theodore Francis Green about the Truman administration.
  • Episode 8: April 2, 1950. ER and her guests discuss the future of the Economic Cooperation Program. Guests include Hellé Zervoudaki (Mme. Henri Bonnet), Patricia Gore-Booth, Harry P. Cain, Paul Hoffman, and Paul Reynaud.
  • Episode 9: April 9, 1950. ER discusses world peace with Ely Culbertson, Allen Dulles, Cord Meyer, Jr., and Elmo Roper.
  • Episode 10: April 16, 1950. ER discusses US/China relations with former US ambassador to China Patrick Hurley and Sen. Warren G. Magnuson.
  • Episode 11: April 23, 1950. ER discusses the prospect of Alaskan and Hawaiian statehood with Edward R. Burke, Rep. Frederic R. Coudert, Jr., and Alaskan Gov. Ernest Gruening.
  • Episode 12: April 30, 1950. ER talks to reporters Emma Bugbee, Mae Craig, Doris Fleeson, Bess Furman, and Genevieve Herrick.
  • Episode 13: May 7, 1950. ER discusses the future of Pakistan with Pakistani Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan, his wife Raana Liaquat Ali Khan, and US State Department official George C. McGhee.
  • Episode 14: May 14, 1950. ER and her guests discuss the United Nations and its relation to human rights. Guests include Eunice Carter, René Cassin, Peng Chun Chang, Charles Malik, and Maurice Perlzweig.
  • Episode 15: May 21, 1950. ER and her guests discuss world trade. Guests include William Batt, George Malone, Philip Reed, and O. R. Strackbein.
  • Episode 16: May 28, 1950. In the final episode, ER discusses American policy in Germany with Sen. Guy Gillette, Sen. Jacob Javits, Dorothy Thompson, and Telford Taylor.