Americans of Tomorrow

Sponsored by the Typewriter Educational Research Bureau

In this short run of radio appearances, ER appeared in fifteen-minute segments to discuss education. The program aired between 7:45 and 8 pm on the CBS network. As we were unable to find audio recordings of this materials, the ERPP has transcribed them from scripts.

  • Episode 1: November 11, 1934. ER discusses the importance of education for maintaining peace.
  • Episode 2: November 18, 1934. ER discusses the education of children in nursery school.
  • Episode 3: November 25, 1934. ER discusses kindergarten.
  • Episode 4: December 2, 1934. ER discusses the education of adolescent children.
  • Episode 5: December 9, 1934. ER discusses the use of new technologies in education.
  • Episode 6: December 16, 1934. ER discusses problems in education.