Eleanor Roosevelt to Harry S. Truman, October 4, 1948


Dear Mr. President:

​     I understand that there is some comment in the newspaper in the United Sates that I have not come out for you as the Democratic candidate and prefer the election of the Republican candidate. I am unqualifiedly for you as the Democratic candidate for the Presidency.

​     This year I hope every Democrat and independent voter is concentrating on the election of as many liberal Democrats to Congress as possible. I hope for this particularly from the labor and farm groups who have perhaps the greatest stake in the preservation of liberal leadership.

​     Liberal policies during these next few years are of vast importance on domestic issues. A Democratic administration, backed by a liberal Democratic Congress, could really achieve the policies for which you have stood.

​     As delegate to the United Nations I have become very much aware of the fact that stability in our own government and in its policies is essential to help the Western Democracies on their road to rehabilitation.

With every good wish, I am,

Very cordially yours,

Eleanor Roosevelt