Eleanor Roosevelt to Joseph Lash, October 22, 1942

[Dear Joe:]

    Here we are held up 24 hrs by weather & I hope we get off to Bristol tomorrow a.m. I am not supposed to be in Ireland so David & Maude who met us this a.m. in Foynes insisted that I couldn't go to the Inn & Maude & I have sent today in the Adare's house. They return tonight & I only have my lane bag but it has been wonderful seeing Maude. David has gone back to Dublin. This afternoon we took a long walk in the rain & went to look at old ruins on the Duramer estate. They date back to the early monks Maude says but her history is a bit vague so I have no date. Tommy & Mrs. (Oveta Culp) Hobby & her lieutenant all went to the Inn & she telephoned they would go to Limerick this afternoon & I hope she enjoyed it. Ireland has charm, I think, such green grass & he little houses are quaint (& unhealthy) the carts amusing & must give one lots of exercise, & the people are pleasant & friendly.

​     Supposedly we will get out at 9 a.m. tomorrow weather permitting & the enemy being kind enough to send no airplanes over our route!

​     There seems to be food enough here but nothing but peat to burn. There is a fire in every room however which looks cheerful tho' it has little effect on the temperature!

​     The flight was very smooth. Both sunset & sunrise were beautiful & I had no more sense of insecurity than one has in the smaller plans over the land. The food was good & we all ate saying 'this is the last time we'll have this till we return.' If we have to go back the southern route which seems probably it will mean 2 nights but that can't be helped.

​     My love to Trude & you dear, I've been thinking about you & hoping the meeting was not as bad as it promised to be. No matter what happens, it isn't worth letting yourselves be made miserable by it. I hop you are concentrating both of you on your own happiness these days

Bless you. I love you dearly