Eleanor Roosevelt to Lorena Hickok, April 19, 1945

Hick dearest,

    The Trumans have just been to lunch and nearly all that I can do is done. The upstairs looks desolate and I will be glad to leave tomorrow. It is empty and without purpose to be here now.

    I've asked Helen and Mary Norton to come in on their way to Congress and say goodbye tomorrow and the Cabinet comes at 11. At 3 the top secretaries Steve, Dr. Mac. etc. At 3:30 office forces, at 4:30 household garage etc., at 5:30 I leave for the 6 p.m. train and so endeth a period. Franklin's death ended a period in history and now in its wake for lots of us who lived in his shadow periods come and we have to start again under our own momentum and wonder what we can achieve. I hope you and I will be working together but as I don't intend to take on anything new till all the business of the Estate is over, you may be at new work before I am.

    I may be a bit weary when we get home tomorrow but I'm so glad you will be at the apartment. Tommy will probably be more weary than I am!

Much love dear,