George W. Edman to Eleanor Roosevelt, March 26, 1952

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt:

    We were so delighted that you could make even a brief stop at Rangoon and I was particularly delighted that you met Mrs. Aung San (Daw Khin Kyi), widow of the great leader of the independence movement in Burma. She is a rare person.

    Mrs. Aung San hopes to visit the United States this year and we are taking the liberty to ask her to communicate with you. She may be in the "custody" of my wife, at Pittsfield, Massachusetts. We are hoping that she can be in the Berkshires at the time of the Festival which my wife and I, along with Gertrude Robinson Smith, Mrs. Owen Johnson et al helped establish. If you are free, it would be but a short run over to Hyde Park.

    You may be amused at the comment of one of our good friends, U On Kin, editor of Bamakhit, a leading vernacular paper. He said your brief visit did more in a few minutes than all of us Americans put together can do in one year.

    With kindest regards and appreciation for seeing our Burmese friends, I am,

Sincerely yours,

George W. Edman

Public Affairs Officer