Letter from the Student Government and the Atomic Energy Study Group in the Medical Department of Osaka University

1. On your answer to the question of the student at Tokyo Women’s college on a-bomb—both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You can’t justify the fact that your country dropped a bomb even though it was aimed to stop war.

2. On the fact that many leading Americans openly suggest that they should drop a. bomb—Korea & Manchuria the country which might use A. bomb next will be certainly the enemy of humanity.

3. On ignorance of the Americans about a. bomb. When we hear or read about the practice of evacuation under A bomb express their ignorance about the terrible destructive power of this weapon you must educate your people about it.

4. On the question of Geneva Agreement on some bomb 1925 to forbid use of gas & ____. Among the great countries only America has not yet signed. Mr. Coen, the repr. of U.S. to U.N. said that U.S. had right to use these weapons at the conference of negotiating the possibility of reducing army. We do hope you Americans would definitely express that you would never use these weapons.

Mrs. Roosevelt, you are the conscience of US and we have a great trust in humanism of your people we dare to ask you these questions. We expect your [unintelligible] answer to us.