Socchi, USSR Travel Notes (1957)

Conversation with Anna: Socchi, Sept. 18th

10 year education from 7 to 17

5 years university or institute for a profession, law, engineer, teacher.

6 years University for a doctor, then three years to state before you can continue higher.

After: 7 years school (14 years of age) a student can enter 3 or 4 years Technical school and may pass an examination and get into two year university

Nurse has 7 year school plus 2 or 3 years training


Must be sent by Dr. to Socchi

70% paid by trade union but there is an extra fund contributed by the director of factory from which, if needed, all expenses can be paid. Director can support hospital in part, support nursery, camps, kindergarten for special gifts, though main support is from the trade union.

State builds the buildings and gardens, etc., and unions pay the running expenses.

(building in which we stayed in Socchi was built in 1953)